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About is a web site dedicated to pursuing reform in Ontario’s beer retail system. It is our opinion that the retail system in Ontario is flawed from a craft beer point of view, and needs to change. We hope to provide information on this web site to inform consumers about how the retail system works in Ontario, and encourage discussion and dialogue to hopefully achieve a better shopping environment for beer lovers in this province.

We believe it is in the best interests of Ontario beer consumers that the industry be reformed to allow for specialty beer retail outlets to open in the province.  This isn’t to say that The Beer Store or the LCBO retail networks need to be dismantled.  But it is clear that craft and specialty beer are under-serviced by both The Beer Store and the LCBO.  The Beer Store primarily promotes large beer brands as evidenced by their Big Ten.  The LCBO’s primary mandate is wine and spirits.  As specialty beer lovers we need a new option for buying our beer in Ontario.

What do you think about the beer retailing system in Ontario?  Would you like to contribute to Please drop a note to with any comments. is not affiliated with the Ontario Craft Brewers, The Beer Store, the LCBO or any brewery in Ontario.